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Salesforce Blog: Beginning Your Journey

The goal for our salesforce blog is to illustrate a clear and concise understanding for our clients who we do salesforce consulting for as well as people who are interested in implementing salesforce into any aspect of their lives. We pride ourselves on providing the best content possible for those interesting in reading our salesforce blog

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Important Considerations for Salesforce Implementation

It is only recently that Salesforce published a blog giving details regarding the type of companies that are making use of CRM solutions the most. The fact remains almost every type of businesses spanning across different niches and industries making use of a CRM platform for their business. Most of the companies having Salesforce implemented into their business can be mainly classified into three categories. Studies suggest the Salesforce customer base varies greatly with almost all kind of businesses prefer Salesforce CRM Implementations to any other. This is brief introduction of the type of information going to be written on our salesforce blog designed for businesses to take advantage of.

It is important for all businesses to utilize the potential of Salesforce CRM solutions with the help of some Salesforce Consultants even though it can prove to be a challenging task for businesses in the beginning. This salesforce blog is designed to help you with exactly that Before going ahead with Salesforce implementation, here are some important aspects to take into consideration before the CRM implementation process.

Salesforce has proven its strength in the CRM Market

Beyond just words from executives as well as business professionals, Salesforce has been selected as a leader in the ‘enterprise application platform as a service’ for the second consecutive year by Gartner. The ability it provides for businesses and its users to create their customized Salesforce tools in the cloud with its PAAS solution has strengthened the position of Salesforce in the CRM market. Salesforce also offers more flexibility for the users as they can construct modules as well as modify Salesforce to perform accurately for a specific industry or according to the company’s specific requirements.

Cloud-based Characteristics

The presence of cloud-based characteristics in Salesforce makes it a popular CRM solution, unlike other similar tools. It also offers quick and easier implementation capabilities to businesses because of the cloud characteristics of Salesforce. Salesforce GRIM also offers enhanced customization capabilities to companies as the cloud-based environment makes it easy for businesses to test any modifications or changes before going ahead with the final implementation process. It is also scalable which means businesses will be able to use this tool according to the growth of their organization. All this points out the need for a well-defined strategy that is essential for businesses while implementing Salesforce CRM on to their business. It is very important to take the time to work with Salesforce Consultants so as to obtain a maximum return on investment for a guaranteed success.

Predictive Analysis using Salesforce CRM

New features and capabilities are added to Salesforce every season. This includes the introduction of a predictive analysis tool, using which marketers would be able to make use of data science for understanding how customers are engaging with their brand. This helps businesses to deliver more personalized interactions with them and thereby significantly improve the overall interactions with consumers as well as clients. The latest announcements have paved the way for businesses to think of how to utilize the additional new capabilities by Salesforce in addition to the existing cloud features in Salesforce. Moreover, the solution relies on how successful companies would be in bringing new policies to encourage employees to leverage the potential of mobile apps. At the same time businesses have to give enhanced attention when it comes to determining which of the policies would work in their favor or not. in the future we will address more of these issues in our salesforce blog.

Success does not come automatically

The most undesirable way to approach the Salesforce CRM tool would be to implement the CRM solution out of the box and wait for success to come on its own. It has to be clearly understood that Salesforce would be able to deliver results only if the strategies are rightly aligned with the marketing strategies and business processes. Salesforce CRM Implementation is a solution, and before using the solution, companies should know for what problem they are using Salesforce CRM solution.


Technology has improved Salesforce as there are various ways in which the Salesforce user can use to offer the best services to their client. You will read more about this in our other salesforce blog entries. Using the AppExhange a user can find software such as an online event management tool which helps you offer the best services to your clients and partners by providing a single integrated platform to create and manage all your business events and activities. Salesforce users can use this online event management software to effortlessly carry on their tasks of arranging a grand meeting or corporate party in the best possible manner, with a simple AppExchange download.

One of the biggest advantages of using such a web-based solution is that it eliminates the need to re-enter any event information and financial data on your Salesforce CRM software database. The online events management solution enables the automatic bi-directional flow of all kinds of information between the event solution database and the Salesforce CRM database. Thus, the system saves a good amount of your valuable time as well as energy.

Organizations using the Salesforce CRM software can resort to the online registration and payment management solutions to let their customers easily register and pay far an upcoming program. You don’t have to leave the Salesforce platform to use these online solutions. Besides, Salesforce users don’t need to purchase, install, or download any costly software or hardware to start enjoying the benefits of online registration solution. Organizers can easily set up and publish event registration pages in minutes. The solution also lets you create custom pages by adding your organization logo and selected graphics.

The online payment management solution helps you streamline all your event-related payment processing and transferring in minutes. You will be able to receive the payments sent by your event registrants almost instantly. Besides, the platform also allows transactions by multiple payment gateways, such as those using credit cards, checks, purchase orders, and others.

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Some major advantages of using such a Cloud-based event management solution are as follows: -Automatic import and bi-directional harmonization of existing associates, leads, and campaign members -Instant sending of email invitations and reminders without leaving the Salesforce interface

-Automatic flow of attendee, contacts, and leads updates to your Salesforce CRM database

-Creation of new leads from anonymous event registration that is not matching with information already stored on the Salesforce platform

-Improvement of critical back-office functions, thereby achieving more event tickets sale

Salesforce users can also use the built-in event calendar to offer visitors an easy view of all your occasion schedules and timing. These kinds of integrated marketing tools will help you easily promote your seminars, conferences, product release party, and more on social media websites, blogs, and on the video and photo publishing tools.

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