Salesforce Developer

Finding a Salesforce Development Partner to work around you and your business’ goals

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Salesforce Developer

Teamwork is daunting to many people and is even harder to think about when you are outsourcing something for your business. Especially when it comes to finding a Salesforce developer. It can put off the most hardworking individual, and if not orchestrated appropriately, can lead to a total disaster. Finding the right team members who understand the goals and collectively work towards them is an out of this world concept to many. There is no need to fear because where there’s a will, there’s a way. And there just might be a way to finding a Salesforce development team to work with.

First, a background check on Salesforce

Technology has had a massive impact on the world as we know it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re driving to work or school, or making a cup of coffee; machines are so widespread that they’ve assimilated themselves completely in the global culture. Globalization itself has narrowed down the distances between people and even countries. Therefore, it should come across as no surprise that companies and firms worldwide have changed their tactics accordingly. One such example is the CRM (customer relationship management) a tool that helps you automate and manage your business process, sales, and marketing.

So what is Salesforce and why is it so popular? Businesses have a lot of documents, presentations, and emails to handle. Manually keeping a track of all these documents is a very hectic process; it can take up a large chunk of the individual’s time and energy. Salesforce CRM brings these various documents together in a centralized place: contacts, events, companies, you name it. The data is stored in the cloud, so all you need to access the Salesforce CRM is a web browser. Which is very handy when you need to check up on your Salesforce developer. Tasks and cases are all managed online. Corporate employees do not have to fret about tediously sorting through piles of files anymore. Think of it as a social media website with detailed dashboards and reports especially catered to corporate needs.

A Salesforce Developer Job

A Salesforce Developer’s job is multifaceted, especially since Salesforce is such a diverse topic. A developer may perform any, some or all of the following tasks: integrating with other systems, customizing the Salesforce environment using code, developing apps for the Salesforce Appex change  and the list goes on. A Salesforce developer works on a coding language known as ‘Apex’ and a scripting language, ‘Visualforce’. He or she is working on the development of the Salesforce CRM, be it in upgrading the current tool or finding solutions for problems that are prevalent in the tool.

salesforce developer

Just because a person is a Salesforce Developer does not mean s/he works for Salesforce itself. They’re only working on the technology that has been developed by Salesforce, Most are employed by Salesforce Consulting Partners; these are the companies that do the implementation’s of Salesforce once bought by a company.

Now that you know what Salesforce is and what a Salesforce Developer does, let’s dive into the details:

Finding the right Salesforce Development Partner

A good team is the reason behind the success of every known success story on this planet. Likewise, failures have been the result of poor team coordination (and resultant coordination failures). Understanding the importance of this, you should put in the extra time and effort into picking your team. Hiring is a very difficult task. The large number of outstandingly brilliant candidates doesn’t make things easier. We understand this. But still; burn the candle at both ends if you have to. Spend sleepless nights if you must. The importance of hiring carefully should never be underestimated.

Raise your standards. That probably sounds a little harsh and cruel, but in this cut-throat market, only the most competitive individuals can survive. With Salesforce development, you wouldn’t want to take any chances. It’s an incredibly popular tool and they want the cream of the crop developing their technology. It will do you no good to settle for second-best.

A Salesforce Developer Needs to be a Good Researcher

A Salesforce developer needs to be a good researcher. They should be adept at finding and applying solutions — their love for solving problems verges on obsession. They’re attentive to details and absolutely adore technology. If a candidate meets these criteria, you have bagged a valuable addition to the team. However, if you don’t find any of these traits in the candidate, shake their hand politely and show them the door. Your team must have the best of the best, and this candidate did not cut it

A good communicator is always a big plus. Being able to coherently put your viewpoints forward is actually a talent. This means the candidate is also willing to discuss problems openly and tackling them head-on. Clamming up and sulking will not solve any problem. Connectors are also sought-after. They’re the gentle, calm sort who can arrive at a fight scene and solve the dispute within minutes. You need people like these on the team because let’s face it — sooner or later, arguments are going to break out, and we need a collected person to deal with the issue.

Find a Positive and Proactive Salesforce Developer

Surround yourself with positive, proactive personalities. On the one hand, you’ll have people whining and complaining, and constantly bugging you about how impossible a task is, and how it can never be achieved. These are reactive people. They’ll look at a situation, present their opinion on it, then walk away. Your Salesforce developer team needs people who look at a situation, present their opinion on it, ask you for your opinion on it, propose a solution, ask you for your opinion on the proposed solution, then implement the final decision with you. That is how a team should work, and these people are the people you need in it.

How do you collectively work towards goals? Remember, it’s not an easy process and will require a daily struggle. Hold brainstorming sessions, where the entire team gets together to discuss problems and propose solutions. Constantly measure success; if it feels like you’re going off-track, consult your team for new ideas. These inclusive strategies will make your team feel that their opinions are valued and provide incentive for more productive work. As Salesforce developers, you have to stay on track. Break the goals up into long and short-term goals. Make sure they’re achievable. And keep your team’s spirit up through motivational short speeches or words of encouragement.

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