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One of the most undervalued and most amazing tools in the Salesforce arsenal is the salesforce email to case tool. In this guide you will find tips and tricks of the trade from the best salesforce team in New York City.

salesforce email to case

Salesforce Email to Case – Guide and Checklist

Selling is not an easy job because of increased competition and the various levels of complexities involved. A sales team can be considered good only when they are proactive and are able to offer solutions to customers as and when they require it. It is important to track each and every case and ensure that it is taken to its logical conclusion. It is about ensuring that full resolution is found efficiently and within the shortest period of time or within the accepted timelines. To make this possible it is important to opt for the right salesforce email to case solution using automated systems. This will help in monitoring the various problems arising from the field, keeping track of them, converting them into actionable cases and handing them over to the respective authorities.

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How Does Salesforce Email to Case Work

Whenever a problem is highlighted either from the client or some other constituent, the email to case tool helps in planning the next course of action. The problem can be in the form of an actionable request or it could be in the form of an issue that needs to be sorted out. Emails are regularly used to get the cases routed in Salesforce. The tool is designed in such a way that whenever a stakeholder or a constituent originates an email flagging off an issue or actionable request the tool helps Salesforce to plan the next course of action. This is done by automatically populating the case details using the content of the message. It certainly is an awesome feature. It certainly comes with a number of advantages and a few of them and shared below.

Salesforce Avoids Repetitive and Mundane Tasks

One of the biggest challenges for Sales, service, support and other stakeholders is copying and pasting the message from the inbox and then creating a case out of it. Using the right Salesforce email-to-case tool it is possible to populate the fields automatically. This saves lot of time and energy and helps the stakeholders to get into the job of moving forward with the issue or request instead of spending time entering info. It enhances productivity and helps tackle and address customer problems more effectively.

Some Downsides to Be Careful About In Salesforce Email to Case

We will be talking about the setup of such software but as end users one must be aware that spam is a major problem. In the absence of proper filters, it is possible that spam requests may land into Salesforce. You have two ways by which you can handle spam.

You can completely ignore the spam and move to the next case.

A better option would be to be to try and tweak the filters on the mail server. This might require some professional help. This might help in slowing the volume of junk mails. It is unlikely that you will be able to totally get rid of spam but you can manage it effectively. You must be careful about using strong filters lest you might miss out on important and legitimate mails, this is a careful balance achieved with time and experience.

Understanding Looping in Salesforce Email to Case

Looping is an important practice as far as effective Salesforce email to case is concerned. This is about setting an auto-reply to the constituent. This has many features available and it also provides for assigning a case number and details of the problem. It also helps find out the ways and means by which the constituent can be contacted. This ensures prompt reply unless of course the person concerned is not in a position to receive messages. Looping will not remove the case but ensure that the same case does not keep coming back over and over again as a fresh request or issue.

Salesforce Email to Case

Here are a few tips which could be helpful in setting up Salesforce email to case tool accurately.

Downloading The Salesforce Email to Case agent

The first step is to ensure that the email to case agent is available on your device. Only then will you be able to accept the right mail queries. There are some size restrictions and these should also be factored. By downloading the agent, you stand benefitted in many ways. You will be able to ensure that you say within the safety of your network firewall and the risk of viruses and phishing can be avoided.

Installing Email to Case

Of course the next step is to install the agent after being sure that the right firewall protections is available. You have to understand that you are dealing with sensitive and perhaps even confidential customer information. Once the basic installation is done there are some rules which need to be set. This will help enhance the functionality. This feature is available under the customize option. It will help you to configure the software depending on the exact needs and objectives.

A Few More Things to Be Kept in Mind in Salesforce Email to Case

Setting up process involves quite a few other things. The fields need to be customized so that specific information is available for tracking each and every case. The page layouts for case would also need customization. This will help you to know beforehand as to which case fields need to be displayed so that the requests and issues can be addressed professionally and speedily. There are a number of templates available and you could choose the one which are suitable.

Setting Up the Right Email Templates for Salesforce Email to Case

There also would be the need to create one’s own email templates. These will be used by the salesforce and the constituents whenever there is a need to communicate with one another. It could also have some useful merge fields that could populate useful information from the email messages. This will help in better understanding of the replies from the agents.

A Few More Features That Can Be Added in Email to Case

It also would be desirable to have an auto response message. This will help the clients to be sure that their requests and issues have been received and it has been seen by the persons who are responsible and accountable.

There also is a need to have an escalation mechanism so that the request and issues are tracked as it moves up from one level to another. The software also allows you to set up rules and criteria for escalations.

Salesforce Email to Case Final thoughts

While there is no denying the fact that the Salesforce email to case is an effective tool for addressing customers’ issues and concerns, setting it up properly is vital for making optimum use of it. Using a partner increases your chances of success with email to case as does planning the overall customer interaction process carefully.

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