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Laying down the law in salesforce knowledge is something we do best at Bridge The Gap. The amount of salesforce knowledge within our firm is in second to none. Allow this blog post to be absorbed in your brain like a sponge as we share some of our salesforce knowledge with you.

Salesforce knowledge

Reasons Why You Need Salesforce for Your Business

Increased competition, longer sales cycles, an expanding sales force(or restricted) and fragmented leads data together can be a very dreadful plight in today’s business world. The more effort that you put into getting sales, the more likely you are to feel frustrated by the reduced productivity. As a solution to this, rather than toil for several hours, you should consider how you can get this same job done in less time. The idea here is quite simple: take some simple steps to work smarter rather than work harder! And whenever it comes to sales, there’s no better way for accelerating things than implementing the Salesforce Sales Cloud. A better way to implement your salesforce solutions will come. its all about increasing your Salesforce knowledge.

Salesforce Knowledge

Salesforce is the most talked about, pervasive and popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service within the industry. Despite its notoriety, the companies that haven’t yet adopted Salesforce or any CRM at all are possibly wondering what it’s capable of doing to their business. The following is a list of the top 12 reasons you should be using Salesforce for your business.

1. Contact management

Salesforce offers you a strong contact management system which allows you to do more as compared to what a traditional address book offers. It can store phone numbers, addresses as well as other contact information. The software also preserves other important information like other contact tools, but it can also stores any other info your business needs.  So as to give you a complete view of each and every customer. For example, every customer’s profile includes important data such as activity histories, deals that they are part of, previous communications, their position in the sales funnel as well as internal notes and discussions. Moreover, The Profiles automatically populate the contacts’ social media accounts (like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube) so that you can immediately respond to their questions, concerns as well what they say about your company.

2. Helps Acquire New Customers

For any business to develop it must constantly increase its customer base. Salesforce arms your business with the tools for the task. Salesforce provides you with informative reports and also information about your current customers. It also powers new sales and can handle diverse marketing campaigns. Salesforce has options that are designed to gradually nurture lead relationships that are non-paying into a happy customer relationship who keeps coming back

3. Marketing Campaigns Become More Effective

Thanks to data and reports that Salesforce delivers concerning marketing campaigns, and the many useful tracking and marketing apps available today, Salesforce dramatically increases efficacy as well as speed to market campaigns.

4. Salesforce Improves Customer Data Quality & Management

One of the main functions of every CRM is the management of the information that concerns customers. Salesforce is able to deliver this important, basic service by offering companies with some easy-to-use options so as to input and manage their customer information. Adding, updating removing as well as sharing customer information is simple with Salesforce CRM. This data will help increase your salesforce knowledge faster than you think. Comparing data and analyzation is the quickest way to improve that salesforce knowledge that everyone desires.

5. Salesforce Improves Customer Service and Support

Another important function of a good CRM is to offer companies an easy, maintainable way that can improve their customer service as well as support options. Mostly, CRMs mainly deal with the ways of improving and also managing customer-business relationship. Salesforce is able to deliver this by increasing the automation, efficiency as well as the quality of customer interactions. Using Service Cloud’s advanced communication methodologies.

6. Lead generation

The advantage of Salesforce’s lead-generation capabilities is dual: It allows you to make smart marketing choices while also giving you all the necessary tools that you need so as to turn those prospects to sales opportunities. Firstly, the software offers you a clear-picture of every lead by just tracking them so that you can know the campaigns as well as the marketing channels that they came from, including social media. This allows you to know where your marketing efforts are as well as where they are not working. It also allows you to know the effort that impacts your sales pipeline mostly. Secondly, it also captures each and every lead’s recent activities as well as contact info, and it then assigns them to the correct sales reps for appropriate follow-ups. This allows for automated lead routing and assignments right out of the box.

7. Scalable as Business Size Changes

One disadvantage that most companies face as they grow & develop their business  is that the techniques that usually work very well for small to mid-sized companies aren’t appropriate for larger businesses.  With Salesforce, all services as well as benefits are easily accessible to any company regardless of the number of customers or employees, and can start small and grow big without major modifications.

8. Increases Customer Satisfaction, Retention, and Loyalty

The benefits that are discussed above most certainly result in positive customer interactions, great customer satisfaction, retention, and also loyalty. In other words, this tool can help most businesses earn the status as industry leaders when it comes to customer satisfaction as well as experience.

9. Enhances Cross Selling and Up-Selling Opportunities

Most companies fail then attempt to cross sell and up-sell. Mass businesses usually run the risk of isolating current customer relationships by simply appearing to be taking part in high-pressure sales which are most often intimidating or unwanted by customers. Nevertheless, with Salesforce the information as well as the reports that are delivered concerning customer demographics, previous experiences as well as other statistics, make it very easy for you to know the customers that will respond positively to cross selling as well as up-selling. Transparency in your business fosters the reporting needed to uncover whitespace both with your customer base as well as in the market.

10. Reduces Costs Associated with Sales, Services, and Marketing

Salesforce also enables you to track the marketing campaigns that are working as well as the ones that don’t. It track ROI and ensures that expensive or useless campaigns are abandoned in favor of more profitable approaches. By a similar token the minimized effort and manpower that is associated with performing and tracking the campaigns also save money while improving productivity.

11. Improves Mobility of the Business

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM that integrates very well with many platforms and also works with all the major operating systems as well as mobile devices. This makes Salesforce to be easier to use while you are out of your office, when you’re on a business trip or when you want to wind up some things at home. The increased freedom of movement will also save you and your staff time and energy, while at the same time boosting your productivity.

12. Increases Profit Margins

The above benefits ultimately result in positive changes in the most important part of a business metric: the profit margin. Salesforce can help your business to exploit the value as well as the experience of every customer interaction while at the same time increasing your productivity and also reducing the operating and the marketing costs.

Salesforce is constantly ranked favorably when it comes to ease of implementation, ease of use customization as well as administration. This ease will allow you to increase your salesforce knowledge quickly. The advantages of using Salesforce in your business are vast and also varied, regardless of your business or company’s size.

salesforce knowledge

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